AmbitionBox Reviews removal | Online Reputation Management

Are you facing the following problems?

  • Should my business be there on Ambition Box?
  • How to go about creating an ORM friendly profile?
  • Presence of FAKE/FRAUD/SCAM words in received reviews/feedback
  • Cyber bullying, use of abusive language etc.
  • Not having expected ratings
  • Decrease in the revenue/profit
  • Negative publicity on the platform
  • Difficulty in employee retention
  • A fall in profit/revenue
  • Loss of customers, credibility and trust

It is quite a big challenge to maintain a good online reputation. But no worries, we bring you the best possible solution! Today, managing an online reputation has become essential. It plays a significant role in maintaining the corporate image of any company, clean & secure. With ORM, you can take certain steps in the right direction to maintain and develop the value of an organization by directing the Customer base, Customer satisfaction rate, Customer retention rate, Return on Investment, Revenue, Profit Margin &sales.

Branding & Perception

The best, proven, and effective branding strategies, to carve out the brand in you.

Complaint & Review Management

Dedicated legal services in addition to handling business specific complaints and customer review management.

Customer Satisfaction

Specially deployed ORM strategies that will help you gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Below here we have a few facts about ORM –

  • Around 85% of the customers trust online reviews rather than personal recommendations.
  • If the company has positive reviews, 3 out of 4 customers trust a company without any second thought.
  • Around 60% of the customers stated they stayed away from the company possessing
    negative reviews.
  • 49% of customers expect at least a four-star rating before deciding to go for a service or business.
  • Customers read an average of 7 reviews before choosing a service or business.
  • Company online profile with 1 or 2 stars fails to convert almost 86% of prospective customers.

Why Ambition Box?

Ambition Box is an online platform that helps employees review multiple organizations based on their working experience. Employees post reviews with reference to all the aspects of a particular organization.

Our result oriented SPECIALIZED & UNIQUE solutions

IBRANDtech, your one and only SPECIALIZED ORM solutions partner has not just got answers, but solutions to all your above problems.

We have got a team of ORM masters who will come up with tailor-made optimum strategies and solutions exclusively for you. These Ambition Box specific strategies would broadly consist of the following,

  • Optimum profile creation/refining
  • Reviews transformation and management
  • Tackling hateful/abusive content, cyber bullying etc.
  • Positive image building and portrayal
  • Increasing the ratings
  • A rise in the website traffic
  • Positive perception creation
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Optimum use of the platform to sustain a positive brand reputation for your business

IBRANDtech: Offering the best

Our objective is bringing the best of results for you. That’s why a powerful and ORM friendly platform like Ambition Box.

As a part of the Review Management services for Ambition Box, IBRANDtech brings you the following features:

  • Closely monitors received reviews

We monitor your profile reviews for you, whereas you get a chance to pay attention to your other business essentials.

  • Enhancing your reviews

Regardless of whether you reply to all your negative reviews, it is more sensible to have users see positive reviews. On the other hand, if you have more negative reviews and a few positive ones, you will have to be proactive to maintain the balance.
Probably you may have many happy customers who will be eager to praise you. Only the thing you required is to convince them to write an honest review. IBRANDtech can get this done for you using the latest techniques.

  • Changing negative reviews into positive ones

No entrepreneur would favor any negative reviews over its online profile. So, what if you could change a bad review into the one you ask? There are some techniques through which it is possible to transform a negative review into a useful one for your business, and we, IBRANDtech experts, can do it for you.

Ambition Box facts, stats and figures

  • An audience in excess of 25 Lakhs users/month
  • 20 Lakhs & increasing reviews already on the website
  • It has conducted more than 1 Lakhs interviews

IBRANDtech deals with the online hate content /complaints & reviews received by businesses, as a part of review deletion services.

  • IBRANDtech has an in-house team of legal experts, who would be taking care of all kinds of legal issues, court orders etc., to handle Reviews, Comments and Complaints.
  • Involves source tracking, handling complaints with mutual understanding, and last but not the least, taking the legal way if required.

IBRANDtech’s Perception Building Services will benefit you in the following ways,

  • Handling and protection from negative and destructive comments
  • Spreading positivity through positive brand building
  • We strive to give your business a better customer experience
  • Help build awareness, trust and loyalty for your business etc.…