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Brand & Preception Management

IBRANDtech expertises in Online Reputation Management (ORM) and offers dedicated result oriented solutions to its clients.Taking you on the tour of IBRANDtech ’s best Online Reputation Management services itinerary…

As expressed by the founder of one of the largest growing businesses today,“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” Says all about Brand perception Brand Perception management dedicated ORM Services from IBRANDtech :-


Brand building is an art, and we have a team of artists who are best in the business!

Perception building

Positive perception creation that ensures more and more customers for your business.

Business growth

Get assured business growth with Brand & Perception management solutions that actually work

What are Reviews?

(Online) Reviews can be termed as any comments expressed about your services or product by an individual who is not associated with your business in any manner, in short, a third person. Usually, the intention is to provide feedback.

Places for online reviews

Following are some of the places where you can look out for your business’ online reviews-

  • Social Media sites
  • Review sites
  • Forums
  • Online blogs

What does IBRANDtech as an Online Reputation Company offer?

Customer reviews are the direct reflection of what perception people have about your brand.

Perception is characterized as a psychological impression about a thing based on its understanding gained through the senses. In addition to our comprehension of what a brand is, brand perception is the manner in which customers translate a brand in the light of their interaction with it. In simple terms, it’s the way in which buyers think, feel, and respond to a brand depending on their experience.

This definition perfectly describes the relationship between reviews and Brand Perception. While positive reviews would help in desired perception building for your brand, one negative review has the power to ruin it all!

IBRANDtech being one of the best ORM agencies in India, IBRANDtech has got the desired expertise and experience to help you create a strong perception for your brand, by handling (negative) undesired reviews on the following sites:

So, no need to be stressed out about the reviews. Just associate with us, and IBRANDtech will take care of everything related to reviews for Brand and Perception building, as a part of its Review Management services.

IBRANDtech will not let undesired reviews affect your brand. That’s our promise!

Comments Management:

What does one understand by the term comments?

In the context of a business, information coming from customers straightforwardly, regarding the fulfillment or disappointment they felt or experienced, with respect to a service or a product. Customer complaints and comments received by a company prove to be a vital asset for enhancing and tending to the requirements and needs of the customer. This eventually contributes to perception creation and brand building. Such information is obtained through channels such as online forums, oral surveys, Emails, telephone calls made by the customers, etc.

Do Negative comments prove to be bad for business?

Not really! How you go about handling them, is what makes an impact on your business.

While Positive comments help in building brand loyalty, and trustworthiness, it isn’t entirely true to state that negative comments have a negative impact on your brand.

Tending to constructive customer complaints received for your products and services serves to be a good opportunity to comprehend your shortcomings as a business. Dealing with these concerns mindfully demonstrates that you care about your customers and in this manner create brand loyalty.

Word spreads rapidly on social media platforms and answering promptly to customer issues and negative comments holds equal significance. Numerous real-time examples of businesses resolving customer complaints demonstrate that quick, mindful responses to negative comments help to create an excellent brand image.

Keep in mind, a Negative comment affects your brand image negatively if tackled in a poor manner. So, leave this job to professionals like ‘IBRANDtech ’.

Comment Management Services from IBRANDtech:

Experts at IBRANDtech would help your business deal with Negative comments on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Negative Message Board Posts, etc.

Our team would make use of the latest tried and tested techniques and strategies, to facilitate Comment Management for your business.

IBRANDtech ’s Comment Management Services will benefit you in the following ways,

  • Handling and protection from negative and destructive comments
  • Spreading positivity through positive brand building
  • We strive to give your business a better customer experience
  • Help build awareness, trust, and loyalty for your business etc….

Let professionals do it !!!

Customer Satisfaction:

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction directly refers to the perception/opinion that customers have about a company/organization/brand when their expectations have been met or surpassed over the entire life-cycle of a service or product. The accomplishment of customer satisfaction prompts product repurchase and loyalty towards the company.

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Perception

It requires constant attention and effort to keep up high levels of customer satisfaction. With the markets becoming smaller, organizations are striving to maintain high customer satisfaction levels and maintain their existing customers instead of allocating extra resources to pursue potential new customers. The thing that it costs five to eight folds the amount to win over new customers than to clutch on to the existing ones is critical to understanding the trend towards benchmarking and keeping track of customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is directly proportional to a changed brand perception.

IBRANDtech's Approach

When we take into consideration Branding and perception building, the purpose of customer support is to get to know the customer complaints and resolve them before they go on to become major crises. This involves the setting up of lines of communication with your circle of customers.

In the majority of cases, incorrect perceptions are born owing to failure in handling customer complaints on a timely basis. As you might be knowing, a proactive approach toward image and perception creation consists of providing unending customer support.

  • IBRANDtech would have a dedicated team that would strive to resolve customer problems or queries on behalf of the client.
  • It would act as a mediator between the clients and their customers. Based on the customer feedback, team IBRANDtech would provide inputs to the client to facilitate improvements/enhancements in their products and services. A new face to your business, a face people want to see. Simply speaking, we build your brand with the desired perception.
  • Satisfied customers are what IBRANDtech promises to its clients.
  • We deploy the latest techniques/tools and approaches to handle all kinds of customer problems and suggestions. After all, converting a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one is the primary motive of
    IBRANDtech’s services.

Transforming brand perceptions is what we do!


Complaint Management:

The purpose of Complaint Management services from IBRANDtech is to deal with the complaints received by businesses, as a part of Brand Perception Management. Legal services are what IBRANDtech offers under this.

  • IBRANDtech has an in-house team of legal experts in place, who would be taking care of all kinds of legal issues, court orders etc. to take care of Reviews, Comments, and Complaints… that are hampering your business.
  • The team would be involved in activities like Source Tracking, Handling complaints with mutual understanding, and last but not least, taking the Legal way if required.

Your business reputation and perception are our pride! We will maintain it at any cost.

Antiviral Services:

Negative or undesired viral content on various Social Media platforms can literally destroy your business and eventually your brand’s reputation. Such is the power of viral content. Many do it for spreading negative publicity with regard to a business. Many times, even business rivals are involved in such kinds of activities.

Antiviral services from IBRANDtech, comprise the following:

  • Handling undesired viral posts that cause damage to your brand
  • Restoring and transforming your brand’s perception among customers
  • Provides a shield against undesired viral content (Antiviral)

IBRANDtech ensures that it is YOU who is VIRAL, and not something that goes against you!

Google Suggest or AutoComplete Search Query Management

This Branding and perception creation aligned service from IBRANDtech is basically dedicated to managing Google suggestions, to prevent users to visit negative links.

Google AutoComplete shows up when you’re searching for a thing on Google. This feature of Google will recommend a number of variations of what it discovers, in the light of your search query. It is very much possible that one of the suggestion results happens to be ‘(Your Company) Reviews’, odds are that a portion of the reviews over there are negative. Now that’s calling for trouble.

What can we do?

  • Spreading positivity through positive brand building
  • Direct customers toward your product and services
  • Increased customer base through Google Suggest or AutoComplete Search Query Management

For achieving this, our experts make use of proven tactics and methods.

A service that is an extremely effective front line of defense for securing your online reputation.

We believe in getting rid of the NEGATIVITY around us!


The brand is the identity of your business and one of the most precious assets. Therefore, it needs to be carved out with utmost care to ensure that it reflects and communicates exactly what your business stands for, to your customer base.

Brand building is an art, and we have a team of artists who are the best in the business!

At IBRANDtech , we would be building your brand profile through various channels and positive mentions online. It would cover:

  • Branding in the form of increased ranking, through the implementation of SEO techniques
  • Brand promotion on leading Social Media platforms with the help of Social Media Marketing
  • Brand building and promotion through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques like Display Marketing, AdWords, etc.
  • Perception creation ensures more and more customers for your business.
  • Increase your sales and revenue through brand and perception building
  • We will write a brand success story for you!

Brand and perception building thus forms the soul of any business. An investment in this guarantees maximum return (ROI) if done properly. So, get it done by professionals like IBRANDtech.

Branding services from the Best digital marketing agency in Pune – “To make you rise above the rest !”

Being associated with IBRANDtech, which is amongst the Online Reputation management agencies in Pune, your ONLINE REPUTATION is in SAFE HANDS.