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How to Remove Google My Business Reviews?

How to Remove Google My Business Reviews?

Reviews that are negative have an impact on your bottom line, even if they are years old and blatantly unfair. Even if one bad review doesn’t completely destroy your company, it can undoubtedly drive customers to your rivals. A string of negative reviews might make almost everyone distrust your business if you don’t have a system in place to manage them. What can you, therefore, do about it? Is it possible to get negative Google reviews removed? The short response is “Yes, you can delete some Google reviews.”Naturally, the longer answer is a little more subtle and complex than that. The only four methods to erase unfavorable reviews from Google search results are described here.

Additionally, even if you can’t get the bad reviews taken down, we’ll reveal the one and only guaranteed strategy for dealing with them!

By the conclusion of this, you’ll understand exactly how to reestablish the online reputation of your company at the most widely used search engine.

Expanding your business beyond local boundaries and tapping into the global market can present its fair share of challenges. However, the potential benefits make it a worthwhile endeavor. One powerful tool that can aid in this process is a Google My Business (GMB) account. By listing your business on Google and boosting your online visibility, you can significantly enhance your chances of being discovered by potential customers.

With an active business profile on Google, you can effortlessly connect with individuals seeking products or services similar to yours, irrespective of their geographical location. This valuable feature enables you to broaden your customer base and explore new markets, raising the growth and success of your business.

In today’s digital landscape, a Google My Business profile is an indispensable resource for any small business aiming to amplify its online presence. Through a GMB profile, you can create and manage your business listing on Google, ensuring that it appears prominently when potential customers search for your offerings on Google Search and Maps.

Maintaining an up-to-date and dynamic Google My Business profile is crucial as it guarantees the accuracy of your business information. This, in turn, makes it easier for customers to locate you and increases your chances of securing new business opportunities. Additionally, GMB provides comprehensive insights and analytics on customer interactions with your listing. These valuable metrics enable data-driven decision-making, allowing you to refine your online presence and expand your business further.

Despite the numerous advantages offered by a GMB profile, some business owners may still fall behind in working out this powerful tool. However, it’s important to recognize that by using GMB, you can optimize your business operations more efficiently by enhancing your brand visibility, improving search rankings, and furnishing you with invaluable insights into customer behavior.

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Now, this is all so good that we know, but now comes a change of chapter. What if just getting yourself on Google won’t work well for your business? What if some false or fraudulent reviewer that could possibly be your competitor, trying to spoil your reputation, and you start losing your potential customers for no reason?


You heard it right.

It’s not enough to just own a GMB profile, maintaining it well and efficiently way is also a crucial factor.

Putting light on this concerning aspect over Google My Business profile, there are a few things that could damage your brands or business reliability among your potential audience.

That’s what we call Negative reviews or feedback from fraudsters, competitors, or maybe from someone who is not satisfied with your service or product.

So, how can you address these Negative reviews or feedback or delete Google reviews? Is there any practical approach to eliminate negative reviews or feedback from Google?

Probably, I would say, Yes. There is a chance, a minor one, but yes you can remove some of such Google reviews that violate GMB guidelines.

However, the complete answer involves much complexity and particularity. In this blog, you will understand and know about what possible efforts you can take, perchance to address negative reviews on Google search results. Also, we will disclose and discuss every other standalone reliable method to counterbalance the impact of negative reviews, even if you face difficulties in removing them.

After reading this blog, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the essential strategies to enhance your brand’s online reputation on the world’s most prominent search engine.

Cons of Fake or Negative Reviews on Google or Google My Business?

If we say, fake or negative reviews can give out misleading depictions of your business that won’t go wrong. With no obvious, this could evenly misrepresent every niche of your business or brand’s reliability.

Preceding with such sort of misleading information over your Google profile could keep your potential customers astray. This will also challenge the integrity of your brand or business and its offerings. It is clear that the impact of online reviews on consumer decisions is extensive.

Every customer relies majorly on these reviews while making purchasing choices. So, the presence of fake or negative reviews can discourage them from selecting your business or brand. Unwantedly, this might lead to lessened sales opportunities, and you may also observe a significant decline in your business revenue.

Another thing that can affect your brand or business is your online reputation. All that matters is how well you preserve it. Your online reputation is all that serves as a selling point for your business or brand. This is what will attract and help you in retaining your customers.

But, unfortunately, fake, or negative reviews can ruin your online reputation, as they are readily visible to people over a massive platform like Google. As a result, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones could become more challenging in this matter of scope.

Know that the negative reviews cast doubt and skepticism on your business’s credibility and offerings. So, you need to work on this concern on priority.

Need a strategy on How-to manage Negative Reviews on GMB that get results?


Having a working Google review strategy can highly benefit you in gaining positive and favorable results. You can definitely consider the following steps to gain frequent positive responses on your Google profile:

The very first step will need you to maximize the effectiveness of your Google review strategy. For this, you must claim and verify your Google My Business listing. By doing so, you confirm your ownership and control over your business information on Google. Moving further, you must optimize your listing by filling out accurate details about your business that may include – contact information, operational hours, website links, and visually appealing images. Following this primary initiative can help you enhance your profile visibility and drive potential clients to your business listing.

Another strategy in the list is about asking your customers for reviews or feedback on their experiences of your business or brand. It is believed to be an effective Google review strategy and found always as workable in many instances for different business houses.

Now to make it work for you, you must train your staff to put emphasis on the significance of reviews and facilitate a seamless process for your customers to share their feedback. Consider implementing methods such as follow-up emails, and social media posts, and even particularly encourage your existing customers to leave their positive reviews and feedback.

This technique can proactively help you create multiple touchpoints for customer engagement and generate an organic steady stream of reviews on your Google business profile. This will for sure uplift your credibility and reputation about your business on Google.

Next on the list that we count on is about offering a space for your customers to post reviews or their feedback. Do not complicate the process, make it well-streamlined and simplify the steps involved. Give out direct links or explicit instructions to your customers showing them a way to leave their valuable reviews or feedback on Google.

Make sure that you create a dedicated landing page on your website that will take your customers to leave reviews specifically on your Google My Business listing. By removing every barrier or confusion, create a user-friendly experience for your customers that will encourage them to leave reviews. Ultimately, with these efforts, there stands a chance to boost your online reputation on Google.

Stay engaged with your customers by responding to their reviews. It is an important aspect of your Google review strategy. Take the time to express thankfulness towards your customers for posting positive reviews. Show appreciation for their support and backing. In the same way, address every minor concern or issue raised in negative reviews immediately without any delay but in the most constructive and professional way. By doing so, you show that you value their feedback and value them for being your valuable customer.

By reacting to reviews, both positive and negative, you not only will see a rise in your online reputation, but these efforts will help you build a positive and interactive relationship with your customers.

Over the edge, consistently monitoring and tracking your reviews in a manner on Google also stands as a crucial element of an effective review strategy.

It’s advised that you set up alerts or employ online reputation management tools to stay informed about new reviews in real-time. By doing so, you will get a notification about every review, regardless of being positive or negative, where you can revert them with your response on time without getting delayed. Your active presence will be visible to your customers, letting them know how much you value and respect their feedback.

Being so punctual with your responses to your customers over your Google profile will show your commitment to offering customer satisfaction and also will show your active engagement with the online community. Thus, regular monitoring and prompt responses will no doubt build a positive brand image and create trust among current and potential customers of yours.

Now, coming to a few more approaches, we bag you with another strategy which is about getting positive reviews of your business or brand on various platforms. Here, you must highlight testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Working along this step will significantly enhance your brand’s image. Also, make sure that you feature positive reviews of your satisfied customers prominently on your website. Share them on different social media platforms or integrate them into different marketing resources. These positive reviews will serve as social proof and boost the credibility and trustworthiness of your business.

Last but not least what we have in our list of strategies is that you must utilize the feedback or reviews that you receive from reviewers for making a change, if necessary.

Take it as an opportunity instead of taking it inappropriately or offensively. Try to identify and split out the needed areas for improvement within your products, services, or overall customer experience that you lack in the offering. Stay attentive while analyzing every feedback given to you by your customers and try to bring out significant insights into recurring issues or patterns that they highlight.

Ensure that you actively address their concerns and make necessary changes as needed or expected from your customers. This will improve your brand image for definite. Continuously staying determined to improve your business based on your customer feedback, will refine your offerings, elevate your service quality, and you will be able to deliver a much more positive experience for your existing as well as potential customers. This iterative process will not just enhance your business’s overall performance but will help you gain your customer loyalty and deliver them satisfaction.

How to Remove Fake Reviews from Google?

Understanding the growing need for online reputation management, we have a recommendation for businesses seeking top-notch digital marketing and online reputation management (ORM) services. We highly recommend IBRANDtech, a reputable company, holding extensive experience in this field. They have been professionally reliable and have been serving in this area, helping numerous businesses achieve their online reputation management goals.

It is important to bear in mind that removing Google reviews is not guaranteed, as the ultimate decision rests with Google. To set the facts straight, virtually, Google does not allow the removal of fake reviews. So, it is relevant that numerous businesses are facing the problem of multiple negative or fake reviews on their GMB listing. That too, is on the initial pages.

Custom-designed solutions that IBRANDtech delivers –

Seeing the ever-increasing need of businesses pertaining to the removal of GMB negative or fake reviews, IBRANDtech promises to deliver services made to meet your specific needs.

They will help you manage or Remove fake or Google negative reviews from your GMB profile!

The best and exclusive on offer from IBRANDtech as an Online Reputation reputation management firm:

  • Transforming negative reviews into positive reviews, and their removal.
  • IBRANDtech offers proof of concept (POC) to its clients to prove IBRANDtech’s capabilities in review removal.
  • Monitoring of the received reviews and their management.
  • Boosting the reviews proactively, with the latest techniques.

They have well-versed experience in handling business complaints, managing customer reviews, and effectively removing negative Google reviews from your profile as well as strategy in how to delete Google My Business account With their expertise and dedication, they can assist you in maintaining a positive online reputation.

With this, they have your GMB profile secured from the threat and consequences of fake or negative reviews.

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