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Is your Organization a victim of Cybercrime? Forensic Cyber Audit will help you!


Facing problems like HACKING, DATA BREACHES, and RANSOMWARE ATTACKS? Your business could be in serious danger and it might result in serious unrecoverable losses!

It’s high time that you wake up.

Looking for a solution?

Well, IBRANDtech has got one for you……

“Forensic Cyber Audit” the answer to your problems

What is Forensic Cyber Audit ?

“Forensic Cyber Audit” is a specialized type of forensic audit that focuses on digital evidence. It is used to investigate cybercrimes, such as hacking, data breaches, and ransomware attacks. Forensic cyber audits can be complex and time-consuming, but they can be an invaluable tool for uncovering cybercrimes and recovering stolen data. However, they are complex and time-consuming, and they should only be conducted by qualified professionals. That’s where our team of qualified and experienced Forensic Cyber Auditors can be of great help for you.

How will you benefit from a forensic cyber audit?

  • It can help to identify and recover stolen data.
  • It can provide evidence for a civil or criminal lawsuit.
  • It can help to improve cyber security and prevent future attacks.
  • It can help to protect the organization’s reputation.

Our team possesses the desired expertise to make use of the above benefits for you, by conducting a forensic cyber audit.

What does IBRANDtech offer?

Our team of forensic cyber auditors make use of their hands-on knowledge of computer forensics, data analysis, and the law to gather and analyze digital evidence for you. They will also use specialized tools and techniques to recover deleted or encrypted data, as per the need. In short, our auditors will do all that is necessary in your case.

What can you gain from a forensic cyber audit?

Such an audit can be used to:

  • Investigate allegations of cybercrime
  • To investigate a data breach
  • Determine the extent of financial losses due to cybercrime
  • Identify and recover stolen dataProvide evidence for a civil or criminal lawsuit
  • Improve cyber security and prevent future attacks

Now, that’s a whole lot of benefits to keep your business safe and secure in the cyber-space!!!

Our Process

We bring to the table a set end-to-end process while conducting a forensic cyber audit:

It is the first step where our dedicated auditors will develop a customized plan for the audit. It would include identifying the scope of the audit, the specific questions that need to be answered, and the methods that will be used to gather evidence.
Gathering evidence
This step will have gathering evidence of cybercrime. This may involve reviewing computer logs, analyzing network traffic, and recovering deleted data.
Analyzing evidence
Once the evidence has been gathered, it needs to be analyzed to determine if it supports allegations of cybercrime. This is exactly what our auditors will carry out in this phase.
In this final step, our auditors will prepare a report that summarizes the findings of the audit. The report will include the evidence that was gathered, the conclusions that were reached, and any recommendations for preventing future cybercrime.

If you are concerned that your organization has been the victim of a cybercrime, you should consider conducting a forensic cyber audit. Our qualified professional forensic cyber auditors can help you to gather and analyze the evidence, and to develop a plan to prevent future attacks.


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