Our Expertise


Single, multi-cloud, container or serverless environment based deployment, automation and orchestration using the best practices in DevOps, a perfect blend of cultural philosophies and tools, to ensure faster and timely software delivery without compromising on security or quality.

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Right from product conceptualization to the product stability, develop and come up with smart business solutions by incorporating agile and continuous practices by integrating our complete expertise in test engineering and automation, to make sure a high performance throughout the life of the product

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Internet of

Comprehending and mapping the benefits offered by IoT for your gadgets, equipments and machines. That includes the ones that can be availed through harnessing IoT data. Getting to know, the software aspect of things. Maximizing ROI by addressing the challenges and overcoming them.

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Data Engineering

Our expertize in data warehousing, consolidation, intelligence, combined with embedded applications and scalable modern architectures will help you to maximize the value of your data.

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Digital Marketing

IBRANDtech, offers end to end Digital Marketing services like ORM, SEO, SEM, SMM and Website Design & Development. We do it all! Customized solutions for all your digital needs.

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Efficient, smarter, tailored Blockchain-based solutions are developed, integrated and tested with a platform-agnostic approach. Best practices in place for evaluation, and offering expert consulting to enable speeding up of the Blockchain journey of the organizations.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) services from IBRANDtech are targeted towards providing you the competitive advantage and that edge over your business rivals. A team of best in the business is what we deploy, to offer you the latest from the world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Image Processing

At IBRANDtech, we deploy a combination of the latest technology and image processing professional experts, to cater to your business requirements. In addition, extraction of useful data from it, is also what we do to bring out optimum and high utility results for you.

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Project Management Process

Agile Methodology
Scrum Methodology

Platform & Technology Stack

Case Studies

Navigational Shoes for Blind Person

The main aim of this project is to implement a real time system for a Blind Person to navigate them route to destination.

Smart Building Automation

A leading electronics company in India was looking for a software solution to productise its Home Automation & Industrial Automation Devices.

Event Manager

This application is used to manage events and get information about the events of the forum. It also helps users to track the location of required forum’s events.

Fish Management App

The objective of this application is to bring the tourists (Anglers) and guides on the same platform.

Appointment Manager For Doctors

This application provides a sorted way to manage all the appointments easily by doctors located at different locations.

Commodity Tracking Solutions

Commodity warehouses store precious metal lots like Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.

Fire Safety Equipment Tracking

Worked with a leading Fire Safety company that supports multiple industrial units for various MNCs.


Industries We Serve


Finance & Insurance

Media & Advertising

Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Consumer Electronics


Health care






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React Hooks- A Developers Choice!

Hooks are the latest addition in React version 16.8. It allows you to use state and related React features without writing a class. React is known as a library function for building user interfaces. One of its major benefits is...

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The future of Artificial Intelligence

Innovation in technology is progressing with lightning speed. Artificial intelligence is considered a remarkable and interesting concept of science fiction from many years, yet many research scientist thinks that we are getting towards developing AI into a reality. According to...

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Benefits of Pattern Matching Techniques in Swift

Pattern matching is one of the best features of any programming language as it allows to design rules that match values against each other. This simplifies and provides flexibility to the code. Pattern matching is made available in Swift by...