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We have on offer dedicated end-to-end Link Detection and Tracking service

What is Link detection and tracking ?

Link detection and tracking plays a crucial role in digital forensics and evidence collection by helping investigators gather, analyze, and preserve relevant digital information. This technique is used to reconstruct digital activities, establish timelines, and uncover connections between individuals, devices, and online resources.

Link detection involves identifying hyperlinks within digital artifacts, such as emails, documents, web pages, and chat logs. Investigators use specialized tools to scan these artifacts and extract links that could be relevant to an investigation. Links can provide valuable context and lead to further evidence.

Tracking links allows investigators to establish a chronological sequence of events. By analyzing when and how links were accessed, investigators can reconstruct a timeline of digital interactions, communications, and activities.

How will you benefit from link detection and tracking?

  • It can help you to collect evidence and preserve it
  • It can help to reconstruct timelines for understanding the sequence of events etc.
  • It can help to carry out digital interaction analysis
  • It can help in malware and exploitation investigations
  • It can help in data recovery and reconstruction

Our team which is highly experienced in this very field, can cater you with any or all of the above needs with our exclusive Link Detection and Tracking based service.

What does IBRANDtech offer?

By making use of this modern technique, our highly skilled team of investigators can help you to uncover hidden connections, analyze digital interactions, and piece together a coherent narrative that supports investigations and legal proceedings.

Our Process

Link detection and tracking for digital forensics involves a systematic process that aims to identify, analyze, and understand the links present in digital artifacts. We follow this very standard and recognized process at IBRANDtech….

The major phases involved in the process are as follows:

Identification and Extraction
The process begins by identifying digital artifacts that may contain links. These artifacts can include emails, documents, chat logs, web pages, and more. Automated digital forensics tools can assist in extracting URLs and hyperlinks from these artifacts.
URL Analysis
Once the URLs are extracted, our analysts will examine the URLs’ structure, domain names, and any parameters. They will make use of the various online resources or threat intelligence databases to check if the URLs are associated with known malicious or suspicious domains.
Digital Footprint Analysis
Our investigators will thoroughly analyze digital footprints left behind by interactions with links, such as browser history, cookies, or cached data. These footprints can provide insights into the user`s online activities.
Metadata Examination
Our analysts will thoroughly inspect metadata associated with the digital artifacts, which can sometimes contain hidden information about links. Metadata might reveal details about when the artifact was created, modified, or accessed.
Real-time Monitoring
For investigations involving ongoing activities, our expert analysts might use real-time monitoring tools to track interactions with links. This is common in cases of phishing attacks or tracking user engagement with malicious links.
Collaboration and Reporting
Our investigators and legal experts will compile the findings, insights, and analyses into etailed reports that can be used in investigations, court cases, or other proceedings.

It’s important to note that the specific techniques and tools used for link detection and tracking can vary based on the nature of the investigation, the type of digital artifacts, and the goals of the digital forensics team.

Proper training, expertise, and documentation are essential to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and admissibility of the evidence collected through link detection and tracking. Our experts have got years of experience in this, to deliver the best possible results to you.


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