Quora Negative Content Management | ORM Services

Is Your business suffering from Quora Negative Comments?

  • Unsure whether you need to be on Quora
  • What should an ORM optimum profile be like?
  • Negative answers from individuals
  • Words like FAKE/FRAUD/SCAM used in the answers from those replying
  • Obscene/abusive language being used in the replies
  • Not having expected presence
  • Losing credibility and trust
  • Suffering from financial and other losses due to hampered reputation

No need to worry! The challenges related to Quora Negative content management might be many but we have got a universal solution!

Managing online reputation has become a crucial function & essays a vital role in keeping the corporate image of any business clean & secure. With the help of ORM, desired steps can be deployed in the right direction to maintain and even boost the value of an organization by managing Return on Investment, Customer base, Customer satisfaction rate, Customer retention rate, Revenue, Profit Margin & sales.

Branding & Perception

The best, proven, and effective branding strategies, to carve out the brand in you.

Complaint & Review Management

Dedicated legal services in addition to handling business specific complaints and customer review management.

Customer Satisfaction

Specially deployed ORM strategies that will help you gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Following are few facts about ORM

  • 60% of the consumers claimed that negative reviews made them not want to go for a business.
  • 85% of consumers trust both online reviews as well as personal recommendations.
  • Before trusting a business, consumers read an average of 7 reviews
  • 49% of consumers need at least a 4-star rating before they opt to use a business.
  • Reviews with only 1 or 2 stars failed to convert 86% of prospective customers.
  • Near about 3 out of 4 consumers trust a company on the basis of the positive reviews.

Why Quora?

Quora is a question and answer forum where millions of users ask various questions that are answered, followed and edited by internet users factually or in forms of opinions. The answers usually involve links to multiple company websites or other platforms that are in the relevant field in terms of the questions asked.

UNIQUE and SPECIALIZED result oriented solutions from IBRANDtech

Our experts have got result oriented solutions along with answers to every one of your problems/challenges.

Team IBRANDtech will deliver exclusive strategies and solutions in line with your requirements. These Quora-based strategies would focus on below aspects,

  • Optimum profile creation/refining for Quora Negative Profile
  • Positive perception creation and portrayal of Quora Content
  • Creation of your brand/business-specific question and answers
  • Initiation of a question and answer chain for your business
  • Pushing positive answers to the top
  • Archiving the negative answers
  • Increasing presence using this platform
  • Handling hateful/abusive content
  • Tackling words such as FAKE/FRAUD/SCAM in the answers
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Increasing traffic

At IBRANDtech, we assure just the best

Our experts will target a powerful platform like Quora, to provide you with specialized long-term Online Reputation Managment Services.

A brand is the identity of your business and one of the most precious assets. Therefore, it needs to be carved out with utmost care to ensure that it reflects and communicates exactly what your business stands for, to your customer base.
Brand building is an art, and we have a team of artists who are best in the business! At IBRANDtech, we would be building your brand profile through a powerful channel such as Quora, with the help of positive mentions on the platform. It would cover –

  • Branding in the form of positive perception creation and displaying through
    implementation of platform-specific ORM techniques
  • Brand promotion with the help of the creation of your business-specific questions and
  • Having a strong and positive presence on a hugely popular and widely recognized
    a platform such as Quora.

Quora facts, stats and figures:

IBRANDtech deals with the online hate content /complaints & reviews received by businesses, as a part of review deletion services.

  • IBRANDtech has an in-house team of legal experts, who would be taking care of all kinds of legal issues, court orders etc., to handle Reviews, Comments and Complaints.
  • Involves source tracking, handling complaints with mutual understanding, and last but not the least, taking the legal way if required.

IBRANDtech’s Perception Building Services will benefit you in the following ways,

  • Handling and protection from negative and destructive comments
  • Spreading positivity through positive brand building
  • We strive to give your business a better customer experience
  • Help build awareness, trust and loyalty for your business etc.…