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(Service Only for Government and Law Enforcement Agencies)

A suspect on your Radar? Badly in need of the Suspect’s Location and wish to track?

Well, with IBRANDtech, it is possible…..

Now you can obtain DIGITAL EVIDENCE and the DIGITAL TRAIL left behind, with the help of 

Suspect Tracking and Location Detection technique.

What is it?

Suspect tracking and location detection involve the process of monitoring and determining the online activities, movements, and interactions of individuals who are subjects of interest in investigations. These techniques focus on collecting digital evidence related to a person’s online presence, communications, and actions. The goal is to reconstruct the digital trail left by a suspect to aid in investigations, legal proceedings, or cybersecurity incidents.

How will you benefit from suspect tracking and location detection?

  • It can help in evidence corroboration
  • It can help in timeline establishment
  • It can help in pattern recognition
  • It can help in alibi verification
  • It can help in connection identification
  • It can help in enhanced case reconstruction
  • It can help to strengthen the evidence in court
  • It can help in identification of patterns of criminal behavior
  • It can help organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses

Our team of experts can help you with the above, through their highly efficient and proven Suspect Tracking and Location Detection capabilities. 

What does IBRANDtech offer?

Bringing in their years of experience and a proven track record, our expert digital forensic investigators will put to use Suspect Tracking and Location Detection in order to provide numerous benefits for digital forensics and evidence collection, enhancing the investigative process and contributing to the successful resolution of cases. These techniques offer valuable insights, facilitate evidence gathering, and strengthen the overall integrity of investigations.  

Our Process

We are committed to abide by the standard and proven processes and practices, such that we can gather and preserve the maximum possible evidence from the maximum possible sources, just for your sake.

Based on the need and the available sources, we carry out the following activities for best results:

Digital Activity Monitoring
Analyzing digital artifacts such as emails, chat logs, social media posts, and other online communications to track a suspect’s interactions and movements in the digital realm.
Network Traffic Analysis
Examining network traffic logs and data packets to trace the suspect’s online activities, identifying connections made to different websites, servers, or online platforms.
IP Address Tracking
IP addresses can reveal the approximate geographical location of a device. As per the need, we would trace IP addresses associated with a suspect’s online activities to determine potential locations.
Metadata Examination
Metadata embedded in digital files (such as photos) can contain information about the location, date, and time the files were created or modified. Our analysts would extract and analyze this metadata for insights.
Social Media and Online Presence
Analyzing a suspect’s social media profiles, posts, comments, and interactions to gain insights into their online behavior, connections, and potential locations.
Device Tracking
Mobile devices, computers, and other digital devices leave traces of their usage. Our digital forensics specialists would examine device logs, system timestamps, and GPS data to track a suspect’s movements.
Geolocation Data
If a suspect’s device has location services enabled, geolocation data (such as GPS coordinates) can provide a record of their physical movements.
Communication Analysis
Suspect tracking may involve analyzing communication patterns, timestamps, and interactions with specific individuals or online communities.
Dark Web Monitoring
In cases involving activities on the dark web, our digital forensics experts may monitor underground forums, marketplaces, and communication channels to track suspects and gather evidence.
Digital Footprint Analysis
A suspect’s digital footprint, which includes their online searches, browsing history, and online purchases, can be analyzed to reconstruct their online activities and movements.

Deployment of the latest techniques and technologies is what we do at IBRANDtech, to leave no stone unturned.

When it is about Suspect Tracking and Location Detection, LEAVE IT TO EXPERTS LIKE US……

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