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Fed up of Trustpilot Fake reviews & Negative Online Reputation Management?

Not to worry! We have a universal solution for numerous problems like these!

For keeping the corporate image of any company clean and secure, online reputation
management is crucial and has a major role. Positive steps are taken in the right direction
using ORM techniques, to maintain and develop the value of an organization by managing
Customer satisfaction rate, Customer base, Customer retention rate, Revenue, Return on
Investment, Profit Margin, and Sales.

Branding & Perception

The best, proven, and effective branding strategies, to carve out the brand in you.

Complaint & Review Management

Dedicated legal services in addition to handling business specific complaints and customer review management.

Customer Satisfaction

Specially deployed ORM strategies that will help you gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Below are a few facts about Online Reputation Management

  • As much as personal recommendations, 85% of consumers trust online reviews.
  • A company with more positive reviews is trusted by 3 out of 4 consumers.
  • Negative reviews made 60% of consumers not want to use a business.
  • Before choosing a business to use, 49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating.
  • An average of 7 reviews is read by consumers before trusting a business.
  • Converting 86% of potential customers failed because of reviews giving 1 or 2 stars.

Why Trustpilot? is a consumer review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Trustpilot has published 50 million reviews about more than 228,000 brands. Trustpilot reviews to be listed as Google Seller Ratings, or “Google Stars”.

UNIQUE & SPECIALIZED ORM Services & Solutions from IBRANDtech

IBRANDtech, the one and only SPECIALIZED ORM services provider has got answers as well as solutions for each of your above problems.

Our ORM Services would exclusively bring you, top strategies and solutions for all your existing problems. Hence, our Trustpilot targeted strategies will help you to have –

Get the best from IBRANDtech , an Online Reputation Agency

Producing the best outcomes for you is at the top of our agenda. So, with the help of Trustpilot, a popular platform having a broad visitor base, we bring you the best possible results.

We offer the following as a part of our Review Management Services for Trustpilot,

  • Boosting your reviews

It would be wiser to have consumers discover positive reviews, irrespective of whether you respond to all of your negative reviews. In the case where you have more negative reviews compared to positive reviews, you need to be proactive in maintaining the balance. On the other hand, you might also have many happy consumers who wish to praise you. The thing required here is to persuade them to write an honest review and this can be achieved by IBRANDtech using modern and platform-friendly techniques.

  • Trustpilot fake reviews to positive review transformation

Online negative reviews against business would be never wished for by any entrepreneur. What if we tell you that it is possible to transform negative reviews into ones that are in your favor? It can’t get better than this! At IBRANDtech, we make use of the latest techniques that can transform negative and undesired reviews into ones that will be in favor of your business.

  • Received reviews and close monitoring

While we carry out the task of review monitoring for you, you can focus on other crucial and necessary things in connection with your business.

Trustpilot facts, stats, and figures:

IBRANDtech deals with the online hate content /complaints & reviews received by businesses, as a part of review deletion services.

  • IBRANDtech has an in-house team of legal experts, who would be taking care of all kinds of legal issues, court orders, etc., to handle Reviews, Comments, and Complaints.
  • Involves source tracking, handling complaints with mutual understanding, and last but not least, taking the legal way if required.

IBRANDtech’s Perception Building Services will benefit you in the following ways,

  • Handling and protection from negative and destructive comments
  • Spreading positivity through positive brand building
  • We strive to give your business a better customer experience
  • Help build awareness, trust and loyalty for your business etc.…