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How to  Remove Negative Reviews from Your Trustpilot Profile?

How to  Remove Negative Reviews from Your Trustpilot Profile?

Trustpilot is amongst the top leading business review sites of today. Such is its popularity that millions of users visit this platform each year, just to have a look at the posted reviews that would help them in their decision-making process, before buying a product or service.  

Trustpilot seems to be passive in its handling of review filtering. Users can “instantly” upload whatever they want without objections.

While this can benefit consumers greatly, it could have disastrous effects on your company. It would seem that fraudulent and harmful reviews could emerge at any time with very little front-end analysis. And when they do, such remarks can in a matter of seconds turn into a very real threat to your brand. Trustpilot also advertises an “around the clock” effort to find and delete fraudulent reviews from the website. Trustpilot claims that this entails fraud detection tools and a group of specialists tasked with “safeguarding the platform.”

Sharing a few stats associated with this platform. It will help the readers in getting a better idea of the popularity of Trustpilot, at a glance……

  • In excess of 116 million reviews present on the platform
  • 490,000+ – The count of websites reviewed over here
  • Their TrustBox widgets get 6.16 billion monthly impressions if one is to go by the average
  • Nearly 73.6% of the individuals who visit Trustpilot have stated that their probability to go ahead with a purchase from a website that has got reviews from Trustpilot present on it is more. 
  • If one is to go by the Alexa ranking, this review platform holds a place in the list of the top 1% of most popular websites.

 Being one of the most visited customer review sites, even businesses cannot resist having their profile on this platform. Today, countless businesses/brands are having a presence on this leading and popular reviews posting platform. It allows its customers to post reviews and share their experiences with the rest of the world. This helps any business build and sustain a good reputation in the minds of its customers and people at large. A boost to their sales, revenue, and growth.  

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Accept it or not, Trustpilot has reached such a stage that it has facilitated having an outsized influence on the minds of the consumers and their decision-making process. So, positive or in favor reviews for a business/brand over here would mean an increase in the reputation leading to its growth. On the other hand, negative or defaming reviews on the Trustpilot profile could hamper or destroy the entire earned reputation. This could lead to a loss of customers, a fall in revenue, and eventually an adverse impact on the growth figures. Even a single hampering review can do the damage. This is the kind of impact you might have to face as a business owner if you get Trustpilot reviews that are bad/negative. Does not matter if they are fake or genuine. A Trustpilot fake reviews would do the same degree of damage.

Going further, it is quite difficult to get rid of such negative and fake reviews from the platform, leading to a hampered business reputation. To add to the injury, with Trustpilot enjoying top-ranking search visibility, the longer such reviews remain online, the more damage is what they would cause to your business/brand, and its credibility.     

With the goal now in sight, what is it that can be done when there is a bad/negative Trustpilot review popping up? What if you get Trustpilot reviews that are fake? Is it possible to remove them and ensure further damage control?  We are going to provide answers to all these questions, in this very article!!!

Here’s an account of how fake reviews make their way on the site, steps to get rid of these fake reviews from Trustpilot, and what action to take when the removal does not prove to be sufficient.

What are Trustpilot Fake Reviews? If yes, why are they present in the first place?

Peter Holten Mühlmann, the CEO and founder of Trustpilot has said this, “I started Trustpilot to give all consumers a powerful voice and all companies a way to listen, respond and continually improve. That builds trust because this happens in a transparent environment with no pre-moderation or censorship.”

If at all, Trustpilot’s review posting policy is to blame in the first place. Sound’s unfortunate, but it is true. Here’s what the policy has to say:

“On Trustpilot, reviews are published instantly and without moderation. They’re user-generated: meaning that the person who wrote and owns the review can choose to edit or delete it at any time.”

If one may simplify it, Trustpilot appears to have adopted a kind of pass-on approach as far as the filtering of reviews is concerned. Due to such a policy, users get permission to post anything of their choice “instantly”, without any resistance from the platform. This says it all.

On one hand, this is definitely a piece of good news for the consumers; on the other, the outcomes of this can turn out to be dire for a business/brand. With a minimal degree of analysis towards the front end, there stands every chance that harmful and fake reviews can make their way over here at any point in time. Whenever this happens, there is a very high chance that such comments can pose an actual threat to your business/brand within a span of just a few seconds! Yes!

With this, it is pretty clear that the answer to the question – “Are Trustpilot reviews fake as well?” is definitely a YES. Although, we would like to tell our readers that not all of them are fake ones for sure. But, some of them can be.  

Now, we will be checking out whether there are any consequences that a user has to face if they post fake or negative reviews on Trustpilot.

Are there any cons of posting fake or negative Trustpilot Reviews? Will a user get into trouble for doing so?

We are pretty sure that business owners around the world would be eager to hear an affirmative answer to this question. Let’s check out what the actual situation is like……

Do not forget that it is very much possible that one would get into trouble upon posting fake or harmful reviews on this very platform. However, it is bound to happen only in certain circumstances. In the event that anyone posts a fake review that is false/damaging to a company’s reputation, that person can be sued for doing so. So much so that the individual can be forced to pay the damage caused due to the negative Trustpilot review/s.

E.g. there has been a case a couple of years ago, where a law firm won a case against an unsatisfied client for posting a reputation-damaging review on Trustpilot.

Business owners must have heaved a sigh of relief after listening to this. At least some respite for them to continue with this platform!

So, our advice to the consumers would be – Be aware and careful while posting a review with regards to your service/product experience. Even if you are unsatisfied with something, there is always a proper way of expressing it. The language used needs to be checked. Or else, it might land you in trouble later on.

Do companies have to worry about these fake reviews posted on a platform like Trustpilot? Let’s elaborate on the same, for the sake of our business owner friends. It will prove to be valuable information for them.

Do the fake reviews on Trustpilot actually pose a danger for businesses/brands?

Not that a fake review victim business would be in danger literally, it’s just that an excess of such fake or negative reviews can have a big impact on the online reputation of that business. The reputation can get hindered to a large extent. In the worst case, it might lead to a loss of credibility and false perception creation in the minds of the consumers.

A business/brand that has got a lower Trustpilot rating in addition to a bunch of negative reviews, will discourage customers from going for your services or products. Instead, they will look for another business/brand. In these digital times, there are a whole lot of options available for buyers. That too at just a click of a button!

If as a business owner, you do not pay attention to tackling and removal of such reviews, it would add up and one fine day pose a big danger for your business/brand.

Take the posted fake and negative reviews seriously, and go for timely action before the situation goes out of hand.

As promised earlier, in the further sections of this article, business owners will get an insight into aspects like whether it is possible to remove fake reviews from Trustpilot, tips and techniques to remove them, and so on. Keep reading as the interesting part begins now……..

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Trustpilot?

Is there a way to remove fake reviews from Trustpilot? Learn what you can do to manage Trustpilot reviews and take control of your business reputation today.

Respond to the review: Trustpilot encourages businesses to respond to all reviews, including negative ones. This shows that you take customer feedback seriously and are willing to address any issues.

Address the customer’s concerns: In your response, try to address the specific concerns raised in the review. This could involve offering an apology, explaining what you’re doing to resolve the issue, or offering a refund or other form of compensation.

Be professional and polite: When responding to negative reviews, it’s important to remain professional and polite. Avoid getting defensive or confrontational, as this could make the situation worse.

Contact IBRANDtech: Trustpilot does not allow the removal of fake or fraudulent reviews on its platform. If you believe a negative review is fake, you can contact IBRANDtech for Professional removal of Negative reviews and for managing your Online Reputation

Encourage positive reviews: One way to counteract negative reviews is to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Trustpilot. This can help to improve your overall rating and reputation on the platform.

Professional review management:

Having professional review management on your side might add hope to your vision. With the right tools, techniques, strategies, and support you might succeed in getting rid of Trustpilot reviews fake. It’s no doubt an effective aspect, that won’t just help you fight bad or fake reviews, but also help you in repairing overall damage caused on your Trustpilot profile.

Need to get Trustpilot reviews strategy that offers results?

Getting help from experts is probably the best solution that you could consider.  There are several such SEO-based agencies and firms that are dedicated to offering meaningful solutions and delivering the results you want. Right from guaranteed Removal of Trustpilot reviews, and generating reviews, to suppressing Trustpilot reviews fake, they could help you with their expertise and level up your online reputation over your Trustpilot business account.

One that we know of is renowned and has a positive reputation and has been successful with its results. We talk of IBRANDtech, an Online Reputation Management Expert firm that is committed to offering quality digital marketing, web design, and development services and has been successful till now in offering quality and result-based solutions to their clients. They have a team of experienced experts and professionals, who competently study and understand every business requirement to offer their clients appropriate customized solutions suiting their business needs.

We won’t force you, but our intention is only to help you in the right direction so that you can get the exact results you wish for your business. We wish your business face rich experience, and we hope this article may have helped you with the desired knowledge and information that you may be looking for to boost your online reputation on your Trustpilot profile.

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